Feb 272013
Feb 252013
  1. Destroy Borg Cube and Probes
  2. Destroy Each Borg Sphere (Normal) / Borg Cube (Elite) above each Transformer
  3. Damage Each Nanite Generator to 10% hull DO NOT DESTROY
  4. Sync up with rest of team, THEN destroy  Nanite Generators ALL AT ONCE
  5. Destroy Nanite Transformer
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 for other Transformer
  7. Tactical Cube warps in
  8. Destroy any remaining spheres and probes and then destroy Gateway
  9. Destroy Borg Cube
Feb 202013

What additional features would you want to see in the Gateway?

Right now, the Gateway is read-only, but even with that being the case there are additional read-only features that’d be useful.

Account Bank
Fleet Bank
Foundry Missions (Authored by you)
Active DOFFs
DOFF Missions in Progress
DOFF Missions Complete

It’d also be handy to be able to share your info as you see fit. Currently your data is only available to you. You might want to make your list of Foundry Missions public for example.

So, what else?