Feb 282015

In November of 2010, STO’s sector space got its first revamp. For the most part, it was cosmetic. Now it appears that one of the biggest changes players have been asking for is coming true. The sector block instance walls are coming down and each galactic quadrant will be a single instance. (Well, Alpha, Beta, and Delta anyway. Gamma has yet to be included in the game.) I’m really exited about this but I’m also exited about the cosmetic changes coming with this revamp too. Star systems will be at a much larger scale, and players will be able to fly to individual planets from sector space as well. Woohoo! Every time I start to lose interest in STO they always find something to get me into it again. (Insert Al Pacino Godfather quote here.)


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Feb 102015

As a ship collector, I’m really excited about this.

From the STO Website :

We’re very excited to announce the brand new Tier 6 Command Battlecruisers that will be released soon. With the release of our anniversary update we added the awesome new Command Captain Specialization tree and Command Bridge Officers. These new starships will allow you to truly take advantage of these new Bridge Officer abilities.


Feb 032015

From the Official STO site:

Star Trek Online has been privileged to have a great history of Executive Producers through its lifetime. Stephen D’Angelo has most recently occupied the big chair and during his second tour has lent the team his considerable experience, design expertise, and vision for the future of Star Trek Online through Delta Rising.

Stephen is stepping down as Executive Producer for Star Trek Online in order to focus on his role as Chief Technology Officer at Cryptic Studios to oversee several internal projects. I would like to thank him on behalf of the community and the Star Trek Online team for once again taking the reins and leading the team through a fantastic year of releases.

As of today I will officially be leading the team as Executive Producer, and I couldn’t be more proud to lead this incredible team and game, both of which mean a great deal to me.

I have been a lifelong Star Trek fan and one of my favorite early memories of trek took place in late September of 1990. Earlier that summer, after experiencing one of the greatest cliffhangers in television history, I told my dad I couldn’t wait to find out if Captain Picard was going to be rescued from the Borg. It turns out his boss was planning a huge viewing party for the second part of “The Best of Both Worlds” and my dad brought me along. It was an amazing event and the first time I witnessed how Star Trek could bring people together from different walks of life simply to enjoy a great episode.

I’ve been a member of the Star Trek Online team since 2008 and was here during pre-production, active production, launch, and every update since. You’ve seen me posting on the threads as the person that creates builds and patch notes, and I’ve been active in feedback threads on features that I’ve produced with the team. I’ve seen how the game has grown and changed over the years from a team management perspective and how the community has responded to those changes.

We have some fantastic plans in store for the game in 2015 and the same veteran team that brought you Delta Rising is here to execute those plans. I’m truly excited to share what this year has to offer, and instead of leaving it at that I’m going to tease a feature of our Season 10 update coming late this spring. With the launch of Season 10 Sector Space will be comprised of only three maps, with each one representing a quadrant that exists in STO. Yes, the sector walls are coming down! I hope that minor reveal will get you excited for the changes in the year to come, and I look forward to working with the team to achieve everything we have planned.