Oct 292014

Excerpt :

[Taken lovingly from the TNG episode, "Conspiracy," the Bluegill is this little, semi-cute alien that invades people’s bodies, taking over their thoughts and granting them enhanced strength and resilience. Later in the episode, a defeated foe gurgles back to life and reveals a much less cute larval version of the alien. Captain Picard and Riker then light it up with phasers, thus ensuring the Bluegills can do no further damage to the Enterprise or the Federation.]


Sep 192014

I’m very interested in this ship. I can’t wait to see the actual model. I won’t buy the Game Pack, but I bet this ship will show up on its own in the C-Store.


“A versatile Tier 6 starship capable of accomplishing almost any class of mission, the Guardian features a Particle Conversion Matrix universal console. It can use this device to absorb incoming energy damage through its shields, significantly reducing incoming damage. With the Particle Conversion Matrix, the Guardian Cruiser also gains a modest amount of bonus energy weapon damage each time it is struck by enemy fire. “

Sep 182014

From Star Trek Online’s news site :

“The original Dauntless class science vessel was discovered by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in 2374. Completely alien in origin, the ship and its Quantum Slipstream Drive were created as a trap for the crew. Recently, however, specifications for the ship were discovered in the Delta Quadrant, and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has been able to recreate this impressive starship as a Tier 6 vessel.”


Sep 172014

From the STO Dev Blog:

“Greetings Captains!

My name is Tim ‘Suricata’ Davies and I am one of the graphic designers who work at Perfect World, I work with several titles including Star Trek Online and I’m a long time player of the game.

With the upcoming expansion ‘Delta Rising’ the developers took the opportunity to create the much anticipated interior of the USS Voyager. Due to development time the team was restricted to only recreating 3 decks and one of the key features of the bridge, the infamous MSD (Master System Diagram), was looking like it might not make it into game. So I contacted Nick “Tacofangs” Duguid and offered my services to get the MSD into the game at its rightful place on the bridge.”