Mar 132014

Coming soon to STO, (and already on Tribble) are big changes to the Kit system, as well as a new Undine Assault event.

From STO Forum…

Kit Revamp:

  • The Kit system has been overhauled!
  • New Kits now allow you to add Modules to them.
  • Kits and Modules exist from Mark I to Mark XII and in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare qualities.
  • Kits can provide skill bonuses to either general Ground skills or career-specific Ground skills:
  • Higher rarity kits provide a larger number of discrete bonuses
  • Higher Mark kits provide a larger magnitude of skill with each bonus
  • Higher Mark kits contain more slots for Kit Modules
  • Kit Modules are a new type of item, consisting of a single power.
  • Each module belongs to a Career (Science, Engineering, or Tactical) and a Specialization.
  • Each Career is made up of two Specializations:
  • Science
  • Research Modules emphasize experimental new science-based control and damage effects
  • Medic Modules focus on healing wounds and supporting teammates
  • Engineering
  • Fabrications Modules allow Engineers to create temporary constructions
  • Mechanic Modules focus on using devices to enhance allies or impair foes
  • Tactical
  • Assault Modules focus on direct damage and explosive effects
  • Strategic Modules emphasize the battlefield planning and control abilities of the user
  • Modules of a given Specialization can only slot into Kits with an open slot of that Specialization type.
  • For example, “Turret Fabrication” is a Fabrication-type Module.
  • It can be slotted into Fabrication slots in any Engineering Kit, but cannot be slotted into Mechanic slots in any Engineering Kit.
  • Basic Common-quality Kits and Modules are available from Ground vendors for Energy Credits
  • All qualities of Kits and Modules drop from ground enemies as reward possibilities.
  • Fleet Holding Kits have been updated to provide a purple-quality Kit with a pre-slotted purple-quality Module of the power that was previously a “Mark IV” power.
  • These are equivalent in power to their previous versions.

Undine Event:

  • Mixed faction queued mission for level 50 Captains.
  • This queue takes 15-20 minutes and comes in both Normal and Elite Versions.
  • The Undine are attacking!
  • Planets from the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants are under attack and you’ve been called on to defend them.
  • Queuing up for this mission will send the player to one of four locations: Gornar, Andor, Cardassia or Ferenginar. There you will face the Undine. They have implanted a fully grown planet killer in extreme orbit.
  • The player with the aid of local forces will need to push through waves of Undine ships in order to close the fluidic rifts that are reinforcing the Planet Killers defenses. Once the defenses have been weakened, players can either take on the Planet Killer by themselves or defeat the rest of the defenses to gain the aid of the local forces in confronting the Planet Killer.
Mar 072014

The Galaxy Class Starship Bundle was released today, and it looks like many people were flying their Galaxy. A good number of them ended up at Earth Spacedock today.

Mar 052014

Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus

From the Star Trek Online Dev Blog

Below are the base stats for the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought:

  • Faction: Federation
  • Required Rank: Vice Admiral (50)
  • Availability: Fleet Starbase with Tier 4 Shipyard
  • Hull Strength: 44,000
  • Shield Strength: 1.1
  • Crew: 1000
  • Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
  • Device Slots: 4
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Ensign Universal
  • Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 6 degrees per second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.15
  • Inertia: 25
  • +5 to all power levels
  • Can Equip Dual Cannons
  • Hangar Bay: 1
    • 1 Type 8 Shuttle Hangar Pet
  • Console Synergy:
    • Console – Universal – Saucer Separation
      • Found on Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
      • The Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser does not come with this console
  • Matter-Antimatter Warp Core
  • Cruiser Communication Array Abilities:
    • Command – Weapon System Efficiency
    • Command – Attract Fire
Feb 282014

From the STO Dev Blog :

Over the last year, STO has seen some phenomenal growth. The game has matured in astounding ways, and so has our team. One of the most important things the team wants to is go back and address old issues. One issue that was dear to us is bringing the Galaxy ships up to speed, and now we can. I am happy to announce the following changes:

  • Saucer Separation – Saucer Separation now uses the new separation technology as seen on the Odyssey. You can now separate while in motion, and your returning saucer will match your ship customization. The sequence is generally smoother and richer. You can even continue to fire while separating.
  • Galaxy Dreadnought Improvements – We have updated the Galaxy Dreadnought stats to bring it in line with other Dreadnoughts.
  • New BOff seating – The Galaxy Dreadnought’s Ensign Tactical BOff seat will become an Ensign Universal BOff seat.
  • Hangar Bay – The Galaxy Dreadnought will now have one Hangar Bay Slot, equipped by default with Type 8 Shuttles. It can equip any standard Federation hanger pet.
  • Saucer Separation – The Galaxy Dreadnought will finally support Saucer Separation. The Galaxy Dreadnought does not come with the Saucer Separation Console, but if you own one, you can now use it on the Dreadnought. The separated Saucer pet of a Galaxy Dreadnought has a more tactical flavor than the standard Galaxy Saucer pet. It is equipped with Dual Phaser Cannons, and a mini-Phaser Lance.
  • Phaser Lance Wide Beam – When the Saucer is separated, the Galaxy Dreadnought’s Phaser Lance standard beam becomes a Wide Beam attack (like a sawed-off shotgun). Damage is only slightly reduced, but the affect area is much larger.
  • All existing Galaxy Dreadnoughts will be automatically fixed-up; however, you will not be automatically granted a Type 8 shuttle pet. You can either purchase one in the Hangar Pet store for Energy Credits, or dismiss your Dreadnought and reclaim a new one which will be fully outfitted with a Type 8 shuttle.
  • Set Bonus – The Antimatter Spread Console and Saucer Separation console will enjoy a 2 piece set bonus. Equipping both on a ship will grant you:
    • +20 Starship Starship Hull Plating skill
    • +20 Starship Armor Reinforcement skill
    • +1 Turn Rate bonus
  • Antimatter Spread on Saucer – As always, when equipping the Antimatter Spread console on any ship that supports saucer separation (any Galaxy, Odyssey, or Prometheus Variant), the separated Saucer pet will gain the Antimatter Spread ability. This bonus will now also apply to the Galaxy Dreadnought.
  • Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought – The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will be available to any Fleet with a Tier 4 Shipyard. Like all Fleet ships, the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will enjoy the standard +10% Hull Hit Points and Shields, and a 10th console slot. It will come standard with an integrated Phaser Lance, and Hanger Slot, but will not come with a Cloaking Device Console (if you own a Cloaking Device Console Mod, you can equip it on the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought). The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will be available for 5 Fleet Modules or 1 Fleet Module if you already own the C-Store Galaxy Dreadnought.
  • New Galaxy Bundle – The Tier 4 Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Refit, Tier 5 Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, and Tier 5 Galaxy Dreadnought will be available as a bundle for 4000 Zen. If you purchase the Galaxy Bundle, you can claim the Galaxy Bridge for Free in the C-Store.