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Nov 202014
Nov 202014

If you’ve ever taken a good look at the underside of the USS Voyager’s saucer section, you’ve probably noticed the spaceship-shaped outline at its center. Like the Captain’s Yacht located on the underside of the Enterprise-D saucer that was never seen on-screen, this spaceship-shape was meant to be a ship used in the show. For whatever reason, most likely budgetary, the USS Voyager’s Aero shuttle was never used. Instead, the Delta Flyer was introduced. Now, thanks to Star Trek Online, Voyager’s Aero Shuttle is finally getting its due.


“Console – Universal – Aero Shuttle Bay

The Pathfinder Long Range Science Vessel comes equipped with an Aero Shuttle Bay universal console, allowing the science vessel to deploy a useful support craft to aid the starship in combat. The Aero Shuttle provides support with offensive science abilities and is equipped with special phaser beam arrays that have a greater chance to knock the target’s subsystems offline.

This unique console may be equipped in any console slot on any Long Range Science Vessel variant.”