Sep 192014

I’m very interested in this ship. I can’t wait to see the actual model. I won’t buy the Game Pack, but I bet this ship will show up on its own in the C-Store.


“A versatile Tier 6 starship capable of accomplishing almost any class of mission, the Guardian features a Particle Conversion Matrix universal console. It can use this device to absorb incoming energy damage through its shields, significantly reducing incoming damage. With the Particle Conversion Matrix, the Guardian Cruiser also gains a modest amount of bonus energy weapon damage each time it is struck by enemy fire. “

Sep 182014

From Star Trek Online’s news site :

“The original Dauntless class science vessel was discovered by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in 2374. Completely alien in origin, the ship and its Quantum Slipstream Drive were created as a trap for the crew. Recently, however, specifications for the ship were discovered in the Delta Quadrant, and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has been able to recreate this impressive starship as a Tier 6 vessel.”


Sep 172014

From the STO Dev Blog:

“Greetings Captains!

My name is Tim ‘Suricata’ Davies and I am one of the graphic designers who work at Perfect World, I work with several titles including Star Trek Online and I’m a long time player of the game.

With the upcoming expansion ‘Delta Rising’ the developers took the opportunity to create the much anticipated interior of the USS Voyager. Due to development time the team was restricted to only recreating 3 decks and one of the key features of the bridge, the infamous MSD (Master System Diagram), was looking like it might not make it into game. So I contacted Nick “Tacofangs” Duguid and offered my services to get the MSD into the game at its rightful place on the bridge.”


Sep 172014

Here are some answers to some of those question marks that are floating over your heads!

* Upgrading Item Mark is Always Successful

When your item gains enough Tech Points to upgrade to a higher Mark, this operation always succeeds. Your Mark 12 Breen shield will become a Mark 13 Breen shield with no failure chance. It’s only when your item reaches maximum Mark and you are trying to improve its quality (color) that there is a chance that the upgrade won’t succeed — but even then, you keep your quality improvement chance and add to it for the next upgrade, and eventually you will reach a 100% chance of quality improvement.

* Item mods are not re-rolled

Your item’s mods don’t change as part of the upgrade, so if you like the mods on your Phaser Beam Array [Acc]x3, you won’t lose them. You just have a chance to get a new, extra mod. You might turn your array into a Phaser Beam Array [Acc]x4, or Phaser Beam Array [Acc]x3 [Dmg], or Phaser Beam Array [Acc]x3 [CrtH].
For most items, if you get a new mod, it is randomly selected. Set reputation gear does not get a random modifier; instead, the mod gained is always the same for a specific item. When you upgrade a MACO deflector to ultra-rare (ultraviolet) quality, for instance, it will always get one specific mod. That way you never have to worry about a random mod and having to grind out another piece of expensive rep gear and then upgrading it again — once it improves in quality, you know that you have gained the one upgraded version.

* Epic (Gold) items have special bonus mods

The bonus mod for an item at Epic (Gold) quality is a unique special mod that doesn’t otherwise appear, generally more powerful than other mods. These are:
Space Shield: [Cp/Rg] Combined capacity/regen boost
Space Impulse Engine: [Drv2] Overcharged driver coil, double coil bonus
Space Deflector: [SS/SI] Interlaced integrity, structural integrity/shield systems combined bonus
Space Weapon: [Ac/Dm]: Bonus accuracy/damage combo
Ground Shield: [Cap2] Double capacity bonus
Ground Armor: [ResAll/HP] Bonus HP and bonus resist all damage
Ground Weapon: [Dm/CrH] Bonus damage and critical chance combo

* Your item can’t accidentally out-level you

If you aren’t a max level captain, you can’t upgrade an item past the Mark that you can currently use. You don’t need to worry about accidentally making a good piece of gear unusable.

* Making Tech Upgrades doesn’t cost crafters dilithium

Tech Upgrades do not require dilithium to make; the dilithium cost is on use. This means that crafters don’t have to worry about spending their dilithium to make Tech Upgrades for their friends and fleet, or for sale on the Exchange.

* Set Gear

As part of the upgrade system implementation, we’ve made set bonuses Mark-independent. This means that you can have Jem’Hadar shields Mk 10, deflector Mk 11, engines Mk 12, and still get the three-piece set bonus.

* Levelless items
Many pieces of levelless gear will stop receiving bonuses at level 50. After this, you can upgrade the item and it will gain a Mark, and will then improve after this. This will allow your levelless gear to actually keep up with your other gear, since Mk 12 gear is actually above level 50 and Mk 14 is even better than that.

* Special Mission Rewards
Almost everything you can get should be upgradeable. As noted in the blog, you can upgrade Breen set gear, caustic plasma beams, Hargh’peng torpedoes — if you’re on Tribble and you find something that you can’t upgrade, post on the Tribble forum.