May 052016

I haven’t been playing STO for some time. I just didn’t care about the more recent storylines, and the game became too complicated for me to enjoy. (All the powers, and sets, and skills, and reputation, ugh. I missed the casual STO-player experience.)

That being said, I’ll totally play the new TOS era missions. It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. These cool-ass TOS ships seal the deal for me.


Nov 252015


We’re excited to reveal the stats, items and abilities for the community-designed Tier 6 Jupiter Class Carrier. As one would expect, this new carrier comes equipped with a new console and can unlock a new Starship Trait.

The Jupiter Class Carrier is the first of its kind to be built by Starfleet Engineering. It was designed to serve as a mobile fighter launching platform with durability and fleet support in mind.

The Jupiter Class Carrier features a Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Intel bridge officer seat.

The Carrier [T6] has a pair of hangar bays equipped with Peregrine Fighters. These light craft are equipped with Phaser Pulse Cannons and Micro Photon Torpedoes.