Mar 152014

ESD 3.0 is a WIP on Tribble. Here’s some screenshots!

Mar 132014

Coming soon to STO, (and already on Tribble) are big changes to the Kit system, as well as a new Undine Assault event.

From STO Forum…

Kit Revamp:

  • The Kit system has been overhauled!
  • New Kits now allow you to add Modules to them.
  • Kits and Modules exist from Mark I to Mark XII and in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare qualities.
  • Kits can provide skill bonuses to either general Ground skills or career-specific Ground skills:
  • Higher rarity kits provide a larger number of discrete bonuses
  • Higher Mark kits provide a larger magnitude of skill with each bonus
  • Higher Mark kits contain more slots for Kit Modules
  • Kit Modules are a new type of item, consisting of a single power.
  • Each module belongs to a Career (Science, Engineering, or Tactical) and a Specialization.
  • Each Career is made up of two Specializations:
  • Science
  • Research Modules emphasize experimental new science-based control and damage effects
  • Medic Modules focus on healing wounds and supporting teammates
  • Engineering
  • Fabrications Modules allow Engineers to create temporary constructions
  • Mechanic Modules focus on using devices to enhance allies or impair foes
  • Tactical
  • Assault Modules focus on direct damage and explosive effects
  • Strategic Modules emphasize the battlefield planning and control abilities of the user
  • Modules of a given Specialization can only slot into Kits with an open slot of that Specialization type.
  • For example, “Turret Fabrication” is a Fabrication-type Module.
  • It can be slotted into Fabrication slots in any Engineering Kit, but cannot be slotted into Mechanic slots in any Engineering Kit.
  • Basic Common-quality Kits and Modules are available from Ground vendors for Energy Credits
  • All qualities of Kits and Modules drop from ground enemies as reward possibilities.
  • Fleet Holding Kits have been updated to provide a purple-quality Kit with a pre-slotted purple-quality Module of the power that was previously a “Mark IV” power.
  • These are equivalent in power to their previous versions.

Undine Event:

  • Mixed faction queued mission for level 50 Captains.
  • This queue takes 15-20 minutes and comes in both Normal and Elite Versions.
  • The Undine are attacking!
  • Planets from the Alpha, Beta and Gamma quadrants are under attack and you’ve been called on to defend them.
  • Queuing up for this mission will send the player to one of four locations: Gornar, Andor, Cardassia or Ferenginar. There you will face the Undine. They have implanted a fully grown planet killer in extreme orbit.
  • The player with the aid of local forces will need to push through waves of Undine ships in order to close the fluidic rifts that are reinforcing the Planet Killers defenses. Once the defenses have been weakened, players can either take on the Planet Killer by themselves or defeat the rest of the defenses to gain the aid of the local forces in confronting the Planet Killer.
Mar 072014

The Galaxy Class Starship Bundle was released today, and it looks like many people were flying their Galaxy. A good number of them ended up at Earth Spacedock today.