Jul 192014

I’m still not willing to grind non-combat for items, but 1 day on Risa isn’t bad.

Jul 172014

Each year, the summer event on Risa comes along, and each year I fly my main character to Risa and partake of the event for about 30 minutes. That’s it. After 30 minutes, I’m done – never to return. (Well, at least for another year.) Why don’t I enjoy it? I enjoy the winter event in Q’s wonderland. I enjoy First Contact Day. So what’s my problem with the winter event? I thought about it for a short while and came to a realization. There’s no combat. It’s a social event only. You make sand castles. You dance on the dance floor. You collect trinkets. I don’t enjoy any of that. I’m not a “social zone” kind of player.

If they added just one combat mission to the zone, I’d probably be more interested in visiting Risa in the summer. How about a rogue Ferengi Marauder in orbit beaming down away teams searching to the  Tox Uthat? (Even though we know it’s not there. They don’t.) We could beam down, and protect the vacationers from the Ferengi’s heavy-handed search. They could then show their thanks by presenting us with  Horga’hns, or pearls, or whatever. I could grind that. I don’t have the patience to grind jetpack obstacle courses, or dancing on the dance floor for half an hour. Adding a combat element would get me to participate.