Aug 202014

Geko talks about the level cap increase in broad strokes. The following level reward list grabbed my attention :

  • Level 51 - Gain a small pack of Duty Officers
  • Level 52 - Upgrade your Fleet Support ability from rank II to rank III
  • Level 54 - Upgrade your captain class ability Strike Team, Engineering Proficiency, or Scientific Aptitude from rank II to rank III
  • Level 55 - Gain a Bridge Officer Candidate
  • Level 57 - Upgrade your captain class ability Tactical Fleet, Engineering Fleet, or Science Fleet from rank II to rank III
  • Level 60 - Gain an additional Captain Trait slot
Aug 062014

I’ve been away from the STO world for about a week, but came across this news in my Twitter feed yesterday.

From the STO forums :

  • T6 Ships coming
  • Old ships will not be obsolete.
  • Expansion coming in October
  • Level 50 to 60 and story based content confirmed.
  • Mark MK XII and MK XIV confirmed.
  • New methods of captain advancement via specialization trees.
  • Many new races to encounter.
  • Tier 6 ships introducing new class of starships and new class of boffs.
  • Voyager interior (I’m told the option with or without Neelix’s kitchen.)
  • Better intrepid model
  • Exploration
  • Homeworld of a rarely seen species.
  • Many new ships for all factions.
  • New ships having new powers.
  • There were new concepts of new world art.
  • Tim Russ will return as Tuvok. Several more Voyager cast will be joining. Garret Wang the next confirmed actor reprising his role as Harry Kim.
  • Harry Kim will be captain of the Rhode Island.
  • Talaxians and Ocampans will be allies, unsure if they will be playable right now.