Mar 172015

I really like how they’ve been releasing new episodes lately. Keep it up Cryptic.

From the STO Website :

On Thursday, March 26, we will release “Uneasy Allies,” a new featured episode starring Denise Crosby and the next part of our serialized storyline. You can expect two more blogs that will set the stage for this episode and let you see a little of what’s happened to Sela since her apprehension. “Uneasy Allies” kicks off a story that’s been five years in the making.

The Iconians are coming, and this is our last chance to prepare for war.

Mar 092015

bc81dbe0e2957409e03d96efc244f9d61425686230From the Star Trek Online Site:

Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and the Romulan Republic have all kicked up their recruiting efforts. New captains in any of these factions will be known as Delta Recruits, and they bring with them the knowledge and capability needed to see to the future of the galaxy.

There will never been a better time to start playing Star Trek Online than during the Delta Recruitment event, which runs from April 2nd to May 21st. Characters made during this time will be Delta Recruits, and they will earn a host of new benefits and rewards to aid them in their leveling experience.

Delta Recruits are specifically designed to rapidly close the gap that exists between new characters and characters that have been in Star Trek Online for years. It’s the most new-player friendly the game has been in almost two years, and the perfect time to join the community of Star Trek Online.

Delta Recruits have a secondary responsibility, and that is to prepare themselves, their crews, and their entire factions for the coming Iconian War. A mysterious benefactor, an experienced captain traveling back in time, will contact all Delta Recruits during their faction’s tutorial and inform them of the opportunities not to be missed during their career. Each faction’s own temporal agency can confirm that what this person said is true, and will guide them using the Delta Recruit window, a new UI element that appears near the Mission Tracker.

Full article here.

This is something never-before-seen in STO. Essentially, in an effort to add to the player base, new players beginning April 2nd can play a parallel story line in addition to the normal story missions at an accelerated XP rate.

Feb 282015

Thanks to Thomas “The Cryptic Cat” Marrone here are the official color codes for the Odyssey uniforms :

Feb 282015

In November of 2010, STO’s sector space got its first revamp. For the most part, it was cosmetic. Now it appears that one of the biggest changes players have been asking for is coming true. The sector block instance walls are coming down and each galactic quadrant will be a single instance. (Well, Alpha, Beta, and Delta anyway. Gamma has yet to be included in the game.) I’m really exited about this but I’m also exited about the cosmetic changes coming with this revamp too. Star systems will be at a much larger scale, and players will be able to fly to individual planets from sector space as well. Woohoo! Every time I start to lose interest in STO they always find something to get me into it again. (Insert Al Pacino Godfather quote here.)


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